Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nice Camera Pictures

I'm so SO guilty of relying on my phone to snap pictures of the girls.  Since the beginning of the year, I have taken out my DSLR maybe a dozen times.  And a chunk of those were for last day of school and birthday pictures.  I'd like to take it out more...perhaps a goal in the New Year but I hesitate because it's just so darn easy to use my phone that is usually with me.  Anyway, one of Sammy's school supplies is a picture of herself so that was a good excuse to get out the real camera.  Of course Presley had to get in on the action, too.  This was after their haircuts (totally unnoticeable!).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Few Days of Freedom

We are soaking up our last few days of freedom...
Sleeping in (can you tell P and I got hardly any sleep last night?!):

Making cookies (banana bread chocolate chip):

Haircuts (well, trims):

Playing in the sprinkler:

Soaking up the sun:

Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Year Anniversary

I can't believe 7 years has gone by.  It really doesn't seem like that long.  Time flies when you're having fun, right?!  I really do feel lucky.  I have such an amazing husband who is dedicated, caring, funny, intelligent, fit, hard working, etc, etc, (I could go on and on but I shouldn't brag too much!).  We have spent the last 11 years together and I haven't regretted a thing (except that we haven't won the lottery and aren't celebrating our anniversary in Paris!).  I feel like our marriage gets better over time and I am happy we found each other. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

What a week...

This has not been my favourite week. Cat barfs, rough nights with the girls, a near electrocution, crummy weather and barf duty with this one:

And of course it had to be the week Shawn is away for work. I am D-O-N-E. I miss Shawn and can't wait to see him but I might be waiting at the door tonight so I can burn rubber out of here!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


We rarely have cereal in the house. We don't eat it for breakfast so it's not something we buy. The other day, I decided, why the heck not. I let the girls choose any cereal they wanted. I did this about a year ago and the prime choice was Raisin Bran which really cracked me up. This time was different!
They chose the sweetest, possibly highest sugar content cereal there is. Fair enough, I made no rules. I didn't let them have it for breakfast, though. Instead it was an afternoon snack. Sammy declared her cereal "too sweet" and that there were "too many gummy things".
Presley seemed to like hers but didn't even eat half of what I gave her. 
I found the whole thing pretty funny. And then I enjoyed my own bowl of Lucky Charms. Not too sweet for me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


There are so many emotional moments as a parent. The highs are unbelievable and the lows are humbling. Nothing is worse than thinking of what could have happened in bad situations and we had one of those this week. I knew something bad had happened by the tone of Sammy's voice when she asked me to come upstairs so she could show me something. When I came into her room, she tried to show me something by her nightlight and collapsed into my arm in tears. She has always loved hanging things on doorknobs (longtime followers of the blog might remember a hanger stage where we would come upstairs after she had gone to bed to find every door covered with hangers!), closet doors, dresser pulls, you name it and she has hung a hair elastic or bracelet on it. Anyway, what happened is she hung a metal necklace over her nightlight which was not completely plugged in. She said it turned blue, she heard a couple of popping noises and she grabbed it off. It burned her knuckle and blew the breaker. But that's it. I thank our lucky stars. I'm so aware how it could have ended had she been holding onto the necklace, or grabbed it with both hands, or, or, or. It is such an important lesson to me that my smart girls do not know everything and common sense is not always common to a child.