Wednesday, March 4, 2015

School Blues - The Update

Remember this post and Sammy's anxiety about school?  I thought it was time for an update.  It definitely got worse after this post.  At the very height of the problem, Sammy would be crying and would have to be pried from me.  I spent time crying in the parking lot, texting Shawn, texting friends and crying some more.  Being a parent is so emotional!  It just broke my heart that she was scared to be at school.  But, slowly, it started to get better.  I spent time volunteering in the class so I was a regular presence.  We talked a lot about school and why it was important to go and how safe it is.  I went to the next assembly with her.  She really has matured a lot in the last while.  We have noticed a huge change in her personality, shedding some of the last bits of shyness she has and coming into her own.  She no longer cries at dropoff and doesn't appear to be anxious about anything that happens at school.  I'm happy to report that when I told her yesterday that she had an assembly later that day, her reaction was to shout "yaaaaaaaay!!!" and run around the house in excitement.  She has come a long way!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I keep thinking that there are so many things I want to post about. And then the day week month flies by. Anyway, better late than never!

We have made some major progress with reading skills lately. It seemed for awhile that despite working on it every day, we just weren't getting anywhere. They were fine with practicing, but they didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I'm pleased to report that that's no longer the case!

Presley has graduated from the first set of BOB readers and is onto the 2nd series. She is really good at sounding out 3 letter words and has some sight words now. We probably were not working so diligently at this point with Sammy but because Sammy has reading practice, Presley wants reading practice and there's no way I'm saying no to that enthusiasm!

Sammy has made huge gains lately. She is finding the beginner readers too simple and has moved on to level 1. She is also starting to read "regular" picture books (books that aren't meant for teaching reading skills). She picked up Green Eggs and Ham tonight and read the whole thing, cover to cover without help. She was so proud of herself! Right now, she is currently reading books to Presley and I am ignoring the fact that they are supposed to be in bed sleeping!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's been awhile!  I stopped writing because things had gotten so busy but when I look back, I have to laugh because I would think that amount of "busy" to be quite nice these days.  Right before Christmas, I was approached by the University with an offer to become a faculty member as a piano instructor.  I jumped at the chance and quickly accumulated new students.  I went from 3 Kindermusik classes a week to 9 and from 3 piano students to 13.  I'm also still accompanying for the children's choir.  Things are busy but they are great.  I LOVE my job and am so thankful I get the opportunity to do it and to have the flexibility to drive my kids to and from school, take them to extra-curricular activities and volunteer in their classrooms.  As a downside, it means less time for the 4 of us as a family but we are adjusting and finding our new normal.

So, I usually have a whole whack of goals I want to accomplish every year.  I don't find it hard to motivate myself and for that reason and because of our hectic schedule, I happily enter into 2015 goal-free.  We have some financial goals we hope to accomplish with me working again and we'll share those when appropriate.

I wish you a happy, healthy 2015.  I do hope to find my voice here again on a regular basis but for now it remains a hope.  Not a goal.  :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Recital

We had Sammy's piano recital last weekend.  Sammy got a bad case of
stage fright and wouldn't play so I got to "perform" as well, ha!  I'm
glad Shawn got a video because it was really cute.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

4 YEARS!!!!

Presley is 4!!  Wait, what?  How did that happen?  It seems like just a short time ago that I was timing contractions, calling my mom and not being sure if she should make the drive down or not...if it was really time.  And there she was in my arms, 5 hours later.  We were so sure she was going to be a boy.  I even said, "it's a what?!".  Of course we were thrilled to have another little girl.  I always wanted 2 little girls but never wanted to get my hopes up.  If I could think of just one word to describe Presley, it would be sweet.  She really is.  She is also smart, very affectionate and silly with a touch of stubborn.

At 4:
-is enjoying her first year of school.  She looks forward to going and always greets me at the end of the day with a huge hug and a "I had the best day!".  She has made lots of friends, despite her quieter nature.
-is a good eater.  Her favourites are lasagna, chicken on the bone, cucumbers, pineapple, cupcakes and pancakes.
-knows the upper case and lower case alphabet letters.  She knows the sounds they make and words that start with that letter.  She can also sound out 3-letter words so we've started some light reading practice.  Thanks to having an older sister in French Immersion, she knows how to count, her colours and how to sing Happy Birthday in French.
-is sensitive.  If you have to correct her behaviour, her feelings get hurt and she goes straight to her room to throw herself facedown into her pillow or to the couch to cover her face.
-can be quiet and shy.  She is still happiest if I'm close.

Favourite things lately:
-playing outside
-going skating
-reading books
-helping make breakfast and baking
-wearing leggings with skirts

Things I never want to forget:
-how she created the word "evenways" and uses it from time to time.  She will get out of the habit of using it so we will try to use it a few times so she starts again.  It's just too funny!
-how unbelievably ticklish she is.  I can tickle the air near her and she explodes into giggles.
-how she randomly tells us she loves us.  She is so good at giving spontaneous hugs, cuddles and I love you's.